Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Post-Tubing Grub: The Gristmill

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So Berman and Lindsay came up to visit this weekend and we all had an awesome time.  On Sunday we all went up to the Guadalupe which was a blast as always.  Of course we ended up staying on the river much longer than planned, so we were definitely starving by the time we left.  Berman had a fantastic suggestion for some post-tubing grub. 

Right by the river is the historic district of Greune.  I'd heard a lot about this area as a great day trip from Austin, and believe me it was pretty much exactly as described.  It was a very quaint old town with a lot of wooden-sided buildings and a great place to just stroll around and look at shops and eat food.  At the heart of the Greune district is the Gristmill, a very popular restaurant right by the river. 
The look-and-feel is very reminicent of the legendary Salt Lick BBQ.  The "inside" looks like the inside of an old watermill, and the outside seating was on a spacious patio under the trees with a great view of the river.  It's perfect for post-river floating because you're out of the hot sun but still get to enjoy the outdoors. 

The food itself was satisfying.  No one at our table seemed to have a "can't-miss" dish, but everyone seemed pleased.  If you go, go ahead and pass on the queso, but the Gruene Wings and the Texas Torpedos (stuffed jalapenos) were as good as I've had in a while. Here, Yesenia chomps down on her Chicken Salad Sandwich. 

The Guadalupe Chopped Beef was an interesting entree. At first glance it looked like just a plain regular hamburger patty, but inside it was stuffed with queso, jalapenos, and onions.  A diet killer for sure. 

I do wish though that there were more barbeque options. Maybe it was because the place looked a little like the Salt Lick, maybe because we were in the Hill Country, home of legendary barbeque, or maybe it's because Gristmill sounds like "Greasemill" or "Gristlemill," but I was really jonesing for some post-river barbeque. The only option it looked like they had was the Best Wurst, which I opted not to get, but I guess you should always leave something for next time. 

The Gristmill
1287 Gruene Rd
New Braunfels, TX

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